Thursday, June 21, 2007


Morocco Child Maids Toil for Pittance, Face Abuse

5 years ago Khadija's mother sent her 8-year old daughter to work as a housemaid in the city, where her first employer beat her.
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Anonymous said...

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Adina said...

Very sad...hopefully something can be done!

Jeff said...

Here is some good additional information, which is very enlightening and educational, to show the 'big picture':
The Scourge of Slavery

waytoomuchbs said...

I believe that what is being done here is terrible. If a family doesn't think they are able to handle five kids, then they shouldn't have had as many in the first place. And I can't imagine that prostituion and slavery are realy better options then what here family had to offer. The family wwas just being selfish and irrisponsible as well as completly neglagint to the child's needs and safety.

PatrickJordanClaudiaGabby said...


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