Thursday, June 21, 2007


Morocco Child Maids Toil for Pittance, Face Abuse

5 years ago Khadija's mother sent her 8-year old daughter to work as a housemaid in the city, where her first employer beat her.
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Human Trafficking 'On the Rise'

Conflict in northern Uganda, where rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army have been widely accused of abducting thousands of children during the past two decades, made the country stand out as the state worst affected by trafficking in eastern Africa. more >>



Europe's Immigration Stance Spurs Trafficking-Experts

Easier to conceal than drugs or guns but just as lucrative, the global trade in human trafficking will flourish as long as rich nations close their borders to desperate migrants. more >>



Landmark Convictions for Use of Child Soldiers

The war crimes court for Sierra Leone has handed down the first convictions by a UN-backed tribunal for the crime of recruiting and using child soldiers. more >>



China Slave Scandal Brings Resignation Calls

Chinese media demanded official resignations amid popular outrage over the virtual enslavement of workers in scorching brick kilns that reports said had operated with government complicity. more >>



Beggars Can be Choosers

The study on foreign child beggars in Bangkok - found that 80 per cent of the Cambodian children came to Thailand with their mothers or relatives. Nine per cent of them were disabled and 41 per cent were infants and toddlers. more >>

The Nation

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


US Adds 7 Nations to Human Trafficking Blacklist

The list includes several key U.S. allies in the Middle East. The new countries getting failing grades are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea and Malaysia. more >>

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US Attacks Sex, Labour Trade

The United States has criticised Australia for not doing enough to crack down on allegations some bosses are exploiting workers imported from overseas to fill skills shortages. more >>

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Argentine Woman Fights Trafficking with Indomitable Hope

It is hope and courage that have sustained Susana Trimarco de Veron ever since she launched the search for her 23-year-old daughter Marita, who was kidnapped in April 2002. more >>


Human Trade at Siphofaneni

In what may seem as a who’s fooling who game, defaulting employers put blame squarely on government for promoting human trafficking in the Siphofaneni water project. more >>

The Swazi Observer


State Dept Reports on Forced Labor in Iraq

In its 2007 Human Trafficking Report released Tuesday, the US State Department criticizes the Iraqi government for not doing enough to combat the influx of low-wage workers being brought in from South and Southeast Asia under conditions of involuntary servitude. more >>



Religious Groups Alarmed at Treatment of UN Trafficking Expert

A top U.N. official in Bangladesh is facing charges of corruption, but critics say the military backed government is trying to prevent her from carrying out her mandate as the world body's special investigator on human trafficking. more >>

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Bosnia Arrests Turk for Human Trafficking

Bosnia has arrested a Turk suspected of leading a human trafficking ring smuggling people from the Balkans and Turkey into Western Europe. more >>



Albania Cracks Down on Human Trafficking

Albanian authorities arrested nine on Sunday, including four policemen, in a crackdown on a human trafficking ring. more >>

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SA Hotbed of Human Trafficking

Across Southern Africa today men, women and children are being deceived. more >>

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India Struggles to Combat the Trafficking of Poor Women

Meena discovered she had been sold by her boss while riding in an auto-rickshaw headed to New Delhi's red-light district. more >>

International Herald Tribune

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Human Trafficking Syndicate Uncovered in Isoko

A human-trafficking syndicate with the kingpins in Libya has been uncovered at Uro-Irri community in Isoko South local government area of Delta State. more >>



Human Trafficking: a 'Growing’ Form of Crime

A Laval couple accused of mistreating an Ethiopian woman who was working as their in-house help faces life in prison. more >>

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Cameroonian Couple Sentenced on Human Trafficking Charges

Evelyn and Joseph Djoumessi, both Cameroonian nationals, were sentenced late last night by a judge in Detroit, for holding a young girl from Cameroon in involuntary servitude. more >>


Police Crack Balkan Human Trafficking Ring

Balkan police broke a major human trafficking ring smuggling people from the Balkans and the East into European Union countries, officials said on Friday. more >>


Details Emerge in Human Trafficking Case in San Antonio

You want to marry a rich man who will buy you anything you want? How's $600 to buy what you'd like simply for accompanying men on trips? more >>


Guns, Rap and Coke - Story of a Boy Soldier

When Ishmael Beah got caught up in Sierra Leone's civil war he was a 12-year-old boy obsessed by rap music. Within a year, he was a drugged-up killing machine. more >>


Sunday, May 27, 2007


Scope of Human Trafficking Remains Largely Unknown

"We operate in an information fog," Antonio Maria Costa, director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, told reporters last month. more >>

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UN's Fight Against Moldova Sex Slavery

Moldova is among the countries singled out as the worst offenders, but Chisinau will not officially collaborate with Tiraspol to help diminish the problem. more >>

Tiraspol Times


Human Trafficking Fight Steps up a Gear

European efforts to crack down on human trafficking and protect victims appear to be bearing fruit. more >>

NZZ Online


Woman tells Students of own Human Trafficking Ordeal

In high school, Theresa Flores was an upper-middle-class teenager who did well in school and ran track. Underneath Flores had a secret: She was a victim of modern-day human trafficking. more >>

The Advocate


Some Hope for Victims of Human Trafficking

While there has never been a human trafficking conviction in Hamilton, police are certain it does exist here. more >>

Hamilton Spectator


Egypt Works As "Middle Man" In Human Trafficking

Hassan Eissa said "street children are a phenomena that has existed in Egypt for many years, still in the last 10 years it has spread wide and they are estimated to be 3 million kids now." more >>



Authorities 'Failing to Stop Child Trafficking'

A lack of police and immigration officers is allowing the trafficking of children into Northern Ireland. more >>

Belfast Today News

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Human Trafficking Investigation Leads to Johnson County Raids

Authorities rescued 15 women from Johnson County businesses that an FBI spokesman characterized as massage parlors. more >>

Kansas City Star

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Crackdown on Organized Prostitution

A series of police raids on Tuesday resulted in ten arrests in a Bulgarian prostitution ring. more >>